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smt machine nozzle according to the shape of the round hole, square hole, V-shaped, etc., according to the size of the points are many types, now I introduce you to some commonly used nozzle.

1, rubber head nozzle: when the surface of the material is uneven or the material is sticky, it is suitable to choose the rubber head nozzle, but the service life of the rubber head nozzle is not long, it is recommended to buy more rubber head nozzle spare, when the nozzle wear, can be replaced directly.

2, ceramic nozzle: ceramic nozzle will never turn white, but it is very brittle and easy to break. Careful use can avoid or reduce the occurrence of breakage

3, diamond steel nozzle: strong, easy to use, never fade, but the price is expensive, cost-effective.

4, tungsten steel nozzle: Tungsten steel nozzle strong, durable, but prone to white spots, not afraid of trouble friends, or SMT newbies can choose tungsten steel nozzle, white spots with oil pen smears, can also continue to use. We are committed to providing a complete set of SMT equipment integration solutions for electronic manufacturing enterprises, and provide corresponding automation equipment and intelligent manufacturing integration solutions for 3C intelligent manufacturing enterprises

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