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SMT belt installation and maintenance N510034190AA

SMT beltThere are track belt, head belt, turning Angle belt, motor belt, X axis, Y axis belt, in and out plate drive belt, vacuum pump triangle belt and other varieties Mount SMT belt Whether it is to replace the belt or install the belt on the new transmission, the following steps are recommended. 4, choose […]

What are the materials of the smt placement machine nozzle?

smt machine nozzle according to the shape of the round hole, square hole, V-shaped, etc., according to the size of the points are many types, now I introduce you to some commonly used nozzle. 1, rubber head nozzle: when the surface of the material is uneven or the material is sticky, it is suitable to […]

smt nozzle and part relationship

The SMT (Surface Mount Technology) nozzle is a tool for surface mount technology, mainly used for absorbing and placing surface mount components (SMDS). There is a close relationship between it and SMT parts. Absorbing SMT parts: One of the main functions of the SMT nozzle is to absorb SMT parts. The suction nozzle adsorbs the […]

YAMAHA original new accessories arrived KV8-M7106-704 SHAFT NOZZLE

YAMAHA original new accessories arrived, the list is as follows, if necessary, please contact our staff. 1 KU2-M7163-00X VALVE UNIT 55W+56W Complete solenoid valve set 2 KV8-M4570-01X Head IO Board3 KV1-M4570-02 Head IO Board4 KM5-M441H-03X Vision Board5 KM5-M4580-02X Conveyor IO Board6 KM9-M710S-00 YV100II Head 1 Spline Shaft7 90990-17J003 O-RING8 KM1-M7162-11X HEAD DOWN VALVE9 KM1-M7162-20X VALVE […]

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